Our Artisan Partners

Our love for travel and philanthropy work brought us to Guatemala years ago, but it was the women in the weaving cooperative and their stories that ultimately led us to create JOJI into what it is today. Our mission to empower women artisans and to showcase their incredible talents has expanded to not only support women in Guatemala, but now in Mali as well.

We are committed to providing artisans with access to a global marketplace and to preserve the ancient textile traditions that make up the rich culture and history of the countries they come from. In doing so, we have partnered with non-profit organizations that are working in these communities and are doing work we are proud to support. Together, we are working towards empowering women to overcome poverty and to be educated, healthy, and confident. 

We not only provide each women artisan with the financial support of employment, but we work directly with non-profits on the ground to support programs that are working towards improving the future of the artisans and their families. 



Guatemala is where it all began for us. We founded the women's weaving cooperative, "Tesoros del Corazon" (Treasures from the heart) on a volunteer trip with Xela AID and have been supporting them ever since. We started in 2010 with only 5 women in the cooperative, and today we are proud to employ over 15 women weavers.

Xela AID Partnerships for Self-Reliance has been working in the town of San Martin for over 20 years. With a focus on sustainability, education, health and community development, the Xela AID team is dedicated to ensuring that every child is educated and every family is safe, healthy, well-nourished, and has opportunities to prosper. Our connection with Xela AID runs deep as we have not only been volunteers for 10 years, but we both serve on the Board of Directors and focus our efforts on the advancement of the children's educational sponsorship programs and the women's weaving cooperative.






African Sky is a non-profit organization that promotes capacity-building, empowers individuals through education, and develops innovative leaders for social change. With their work in community development including women's literacy, community arts programs, and a strong focus on education and health, we are proud to support the life-changing work they are doing in Mali.